NOCO Presenting Sponsor for Put-in-Bay 2022 Road Races

The NOCO Company has signed on as Presenting Sponsor of the 2022 Put-in-Bay Sports Car Races.

Founded in 1914, The NOCO Company (“NOCO”) is based in the Cleveland, Ohio area and is a leading global designer and producer of a broad range of highly innovative consumer battery chargers, tenders and related products.  NOCO’s compact, hand-held battery chargers under the brand names Genius, GeniusPro, BoostX, Boost Max and others are helping batteries do their jobs the world over.  The company also provides battery tender products to many automotive brands.

“Even vintage racers use modern batteries,” notes Jonathan Nook, NOCO Chief Vision Officer and President.  “So we think the NOCO product line is a natural fit with the Put-in-Bay Sports Car Races and with the competitors who come to the event from all over North America to share in this great local tradition of racing at The Bay.” For more information about NOCO visit their website at

The 2022 Put-in-Bay Vintage Sports Car Races are set to take place on Ohio’s South Bass Island September 20-22 with racing at the Put-in-Bay Airport on Wednesday and Thursday, September 21 & 22.  Featured marques for the event, as announced in late November, are MGs and Triumphs including “specials” running MG or Triumph engines.

The Put-in-Bay Sports Car Races take place on Ohio’s South Bass Island where small-bore sports cars raced through the streets of the village of Put-in-Bay from 1952 to 1959 and one last time in 1963. Today’s races take place on a challenging 1.2-mile hay bale-lined course at the island’s airport.  Unique in vintage racing in many ways, the Put-in-Bay event offers entry options for racing-, exhibition- and non-racing enthusiasts plus an entrants car show, tours of the original street course, social events and the unexplainable and often hysterical “rocker cover races.” As always, spectators are free to come and watch.

To enter, go to  In addition to the registration forms (both print and online), the web site also contains information about everything a potential entrant might need.  The early-entry fee discount of $50 expires June 1st.

Sports Car Races Coming September 20-23, 2022; Feature MG and Triumph

Put-in-Bay, OH 11/29/21 – Officials of the Put-in-Bay Vintage Sports Car Races today officially announced that their 2022 event is planned, once again, for the last full week of September, from Tuesday September 20th to Friday morning September 23rd.

MG T-Series Paddock – No IDs on the drivers but this photo graced a Cleveland Plain Dealer Sunday pictorial in 1957 by PD photojournalist Dwight Boyer.

The Put-in-Bay Sports Car Races take place on Ohio’s South Bass Island where small-bore sports cars raced through the streets of the village of Put-in-Bay from 1952 to 1959 and one last time in 1963. Beginning in 2009 with a modest “reunion” then real racing in 2012, today’s Put-in-Bay Vintage Sports Car Races take place on a challenging 1.2-mile hay bale-lined course at the island’s airport.

TR3 1959 is the E Production Triumph TR3 driven by the colorful Reed Andrews of Cleveland Heights, OH. (Jerry Horan photo).

Featured marques for the 2022 event will be MG and Triumph, and the event will be an official MG Vintage Racers “Focus Event” meaning that group will pull out all the stops to entice MG drivers from far and wide to make a special effort to come and enjoy the “Holy grail of old school vintage sports car racing.”

TR3 Spin in the #22 TR (with the MG license plate) is John Tewich of Cleveland. (Stu Kerr photo).

Notes long-time PiB event coordinator and MG racer Manley Ford, “2022 will mark 70 years since the first Put-in-Bay Road Race back in the fall of 1952 when most of the entries were MG TCs and TDs.”  Manley quickly adds, “Then by the mid-‘50s Triumph TR2s and TR3s became the preferred British entry, dominating E production, so it just made sense to add the TRs into the mix for 2022.  Should be a blast!”

MGA #53 is Robert Wheaton of Cleveland, OH on the grid for the F Production race in 1958. (John Atkinson photo).

Following the event’s traditional pattern, Tuesday September 20 will comprise an all-entrant’s car show and tours of the original 3.1 mile road course, then racing will take place on Wednesday and Thursday the 21st and 22nd at the Put-in-Bay Airport.  Mixed in to the event are numerous social gatherings and the not-to-be missed “rocker cover races”.

Renowned for its unique island setting, relaxed atmosphere and “competitive but respectful” race environment, one entrant recently remarked, “It’s like they threw a party and a race broke out.”  Look for registration to open in early January 2022.

Put-in-Bay Sports Car Races Update 2021 Race Schedule

Sports Car RacesThe Put-in-Bay Sports Car Races schedule has been pushed back one day thanks to the weather. Essentially all activities that were to take place Wednesday 9/22 and Thursday 9/23 will take place one day later, Thursday 9/23 and Friday 9/24.
The rough weather forces us to move our planned Wednesday-Thursday race schedule to Thursday-Friday; it also behooves us to tighten up the schedule where we can.
We plan to do this by using a ”rolling” schedule, designed to provide our race entrants the safe and enjoyable practice-, qualifying- and race-sessions they expect AND to complete our races on Friday as early as we can, so those who have to leave the island Friday can do so. Obviously a tall order… so flexibility, attentiveness, communication, cooperation, and coordination will be paramount behaviors for the enjoyment of all!
A “rolling” schedule means we will generally follow the SEQUENCE of events outlined in the official racing activities schedule, BUT we will — as best as possible — move from one session to the next as quickly as prudent track management can allow, thus gaining time as we go. We will also tighten up the time spent on non-track activities.

Experience the Heritage of Road Racing at Put-in-Bay Airport

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Road Racing at Put-in-Bay evolves into excitement at Put-in-Bay Airport (3w2)!  Be a part of the legendary action and continuing history.   Put-in-Bay Sports Car Races began as a small reunion in 2009 to celebrate and capture the history of the original Put-in-Bay Road Races held on the narrow streets of South Bass Island in the 1950s and early ‘60s. Evolving from “Reunion” to “Racing” by 2012 at the Put-in-Bay Airport, the event draws racing entrants from all over North America.

Put-in-Bay Sports Car Races Return September 20th

2021 Put-in-Bay Sports Car Races & Reunion will provide two full days of racing on the Put-In-Bay Airport as well as a full day of events preceding the race days.

Much more than just a VINTAGE RACE, the Put-in-Bay Sports Car Races and Reunion also welcomes owner-drivers of non-racing, vintage sports cars of types similar to the race cars.  These “street cars” participate in all the various events and activities, except for the actual races.

Put in Bay Road RacersBeginning with a small event in 2009, the Put-in-Bay Road Races Reunion celebrates sports car races that were held on the streets of the town of Put-in-Bay on Ohio’s South Bass Island from 1952 to 1959 and in 1963. The three-day reunion engages racers and non-racers alike in an event that reaches back in time to capture the history and re-create the atmosphere of sports car racing of that era in a uniquely beautiful setting. Book-ended around two days of Vintage sports car racing at the island’s airport, is a balanced mix of events honoring the island’s racing history, a few social gatherings, a car show, original course controlled laps and airport-track lapping, self conducted island rally, rocker cover races and plenty of unstructured time as well.

Provisional Overview of Events ~ What to Expect 

Sunday, September 19 – Weekly Island “Antique” Car Parade (1:30 pm).

Monday, September 20 – Load-in to paddocks, Registration, Tech Inspection (1 – 5 pm).

Tuesday, September 21 –Load-in to paddocks, Registration, Tech Inspection, All-Entrants Meeting (Island Rules of Engagement), Entrants Car Show, Laps of Original Put-in-Bay Race Course, History Recollections Roundtable, Wine & Cheese Welcome Party.

Wednesday, September 22 – Driver’s “School”, Racing/Exhibition Driver’s Meeting, Racing orientation and practice sessions commence at 10 am, Ladies Luncheon, Rocker Cover races at the Goat Soup & Whisky Tavern, All-Sedan “Tin Top” race.

Thursday, Septeber 23 – Race Day 2 at the Put-in-Bay airport. Featuring qualifying races in the morning, track “Lunch Lapping” for Street Car participants, followed by Feature Races and the Put-In-Bay Cup race. Racing awards party following the on-track activities.

Friday, September 24 – Farewell morning brunch, open microphone/critique and departure.

Vintage Sports Cars Compete at Put-in-Bay

Put-in-Bay Vintage Sports Car Races announce ‘50s-era competitor Ed Eichenlaub will be an honored guest at this year’s event to be held September 21-24. The Modern-day PiB Sports Car Races have been held on Ohio’s South Bass Island since 2009.  A small “reunion” in honor of the original races (run through the narrow streets of Put-in-Bay in the ‘50s and early ‘60s) evolved into an increasingly popular annual re-creation of those races..