Inter-Island Charters Runs in Place of Sonny-S

Sonny-S Hull / Captain Tom Parrot
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Inter-Island Charters, owned and operated by Middle Bass Island resident Marty Harayda, will again operate between Middle Bass Island and The Boardwalk Dock at Put-in-Bay this weekend.  The Sonny-S Boat Line remains out of service due to extensive hull repairs.

MBI to Put-in-Bay

No Date Yet for Resumption of Sonny-S Boat Line Service

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Sonny-S Boat Line did not begin seasonal operations this year due to vessel condition issues.  As indicated on the Sonny-S Ferry Web page, the boat is undergoing extensive repairs and a hull refit.  It is unclear when regular service between Middle Bass Island and Put-in-Bay will resume, but business owners hope to start before Independence Day.


All is Well at Put-in-Bay Harbor Today

Put in Bay water taxis
Emily B, Audrey B, Stanley B

The Sonny-S ferry and the Boardwalk Harbor Taxis passed the annual USCG inspection.  Electrical systems, steering mechanisms, water pump float switches, life preservers, navigation lights, and mechanical/structural components all received a thorough examination.  Updated Certificates of Inspection (COI) will be issued by the USCG Toledo MSU (Marine Safety Unit).

Put in Bay harbor
“Let’s be different!”