Sailing Competition During an America’s Cup Year is Especially Exciting

20130801_155722I-LYA Bayweek boats filled the Put-in-Bay docks on Thursday, 1 August 2013.

20130801_154310This Farr 400 design, owned by Rob Ruhlman of Cleveland, Ohio, is named “Spaceman Spiff.”

Racing sailboats is a mentally and physically challenging sport with unique rewards on and off the water.  The thrill of the start, the keen attentiveness to wind shifts, and the sometimes hair-raising sail-changes create an aura of adventure and tense competitiveness.  However, during an America’s Cup year the kinship with sailors performing on an ultra-professional level knows no bounds.  Find a racing sailor and let them explain.  Indubitably, you will recognize the look of a true labor of love.