100doodlebugs Celebrates Put-in-Bay Experience


Click to view Kylie’s creative detail!

100doodlebugs is a Put-in-Bay art project created by Ohio natives Khloe Zoogarden and Kylie Simonds to celebrate their third summer on South Bass Island.


Kylie & Khloe


Click to see Khloe’s perspective on discovery!

Upon their return to Ohio this spring, Khloe from Denver, Colorado, and Kylie from Phoenix, Arizona, they decided to combine their independent art forms “to create funny island drawings as a great way to channel spare-time energy.”  Khloe explained, “Our goal is to have 100 doodles completed by the end of the summer season.  Our 100th doodle will be a collaborative work, and we plan to sell the art as prints or perhaps on stickers at the Put-in-Bay Artisans market or the Art in the Park festival.”

100doodlebugsKylie works at the Goat and Khloe at the Boathouse.  You can see more of their artistic energy on Instagram:

@100doodlebugs – people can hashtag #100doodlebugs if they post any doodles.

Khloe – @portkhloeo          Kylie – @kybabes          Khloe’s portfolio website is – Portkhloeo.portfoliobox.net


Kylie and Khloe make time for art and laughter.

2 thoughts on “100doodlebugs Celebrates Put-in-Bay Experience

  1. Lori Pak

    This is such a great idea!!! Being an artisan myself, I as well as even locals, love to support other local artisans.
    I believe this needs to develope into stickers for locals, tourists & whoever to purchase.
    A portion of proceeds can go towards the island ?!
    Keep up the great work girls & hope my next visit to the island I see this to purchase!!

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