Lake Erie Islands Conservancy Publishes 2021 Calendar

Lake Erie Islands Conservancy 2021 Calendars featuring island preserves are here! Susan Byrnes and Michelle Pennington did a great job putting them together.  Get your own for $20 each by contacting LIsa Brohl using the information below. The calendar can be mailed to you via first class postage for $2 per calendar.


Lisa Brohl, Chair

Lake Erie Islands Conservancy
P. O. Box 461
Put-in-Bay, Ohio 43456
419-366-2087 or  leicsonservancy “at”

Wild Bird Seed Supply Ships to Island Residents

Birding at Put in BayWild bird seed supply delivered to your island residence!

Lake Erie Islands Conservancy will sell Winter Wild Bird Seed to benefit the Lake Erie Islands Conservancy again this fall. Titgemeier’s Feed and Garden Center will supply us the following types of seed: niger/thistle, black oil sunflower, cracked corn and mixed birdseed of several grades. Titgemeier’s is a family owned feed and garden store in business since January 12, 1888 at 701 Western Avenue in Toledo, Ohio. A most unusual store, their products range from grass seed and fertilizer to pet, wild bird, and brewing supplies.  Please get your order in before November 1 to have it delivered to your island residence. To order, use the attached form  or call Kelly or Marty Faris at 419-285-4772. Delivery will be in mid November.  And remember, the Audubon Christmas Bird Count is December 20 this year–we’ll need bird feeder watchers for that event.


Lake Erie Islands Conservancy Upgrades Web Presence

Lake Erie Islands Conservancy  delivers a fresh and inviting Internet presence on recently updated Web pages to enhance a strong commitment to environmental protection and conservation.

Learning resources about flora and fauna (i.e., plant life, animal life), maps of preserve properties with walking trails, events listings (two dedications coming up!), and details about membership are only a few of the important features.

Take a few minutes to delve into the rich environment which makes a visit to the Bass Islands so meaningful!


Massie Cliffside Preserve Rewards Trail Walkers

Lake Erie Conservation

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Massie Cliffside Preserve, one of South Bass Island’s beautiful nature sites open to the public, offers a wonderful respite from the hub of entertainment and dining in downtown Put-in-Bay.  Pack binoculars, a picnic, or fishing gear and escape into Lake Erie serenity!

Lake Erie Islands Conservancy explains, “The eleven-acre shoreline parcel on the East Point of South Bass Island includes cliff habitat and a great dock for fishing. It was purchased with Clean Ohio Conservation Funds, the Coastal Estuarine Land Conservation Program, private donations, and landowner donations in 2015.


Put-in-Bay Township Park District Preserves Middle Bass Island Land

Middle Bass IslandOn May 29, 2020, the Put-in-Bay Township Park District (PIBTPD) purchased 2.83 acres of lakefront on the eastern most point of Middle Bass Island from the Cleveland family. This makes our current preserve of 8 acres almost 11 contiguous acres of wooded shoreline-superb migratory bird habitat. It has been the site of Tom Bartlett’s bird banding operations since 2009. We are also excited that the PIBTPD and Lake Erie Islands Conservancy (LEIC) have been able to preserve over 113 acres now on the Bass Islands.

These lands are being conserved, in part, by funding and technical assistance made available by TC Energy and its subsidiary Columbia Gas Transmission’s Leach XPress Pipeline Project in partnership with the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service and The Conservation Fund. The Clean Ohio Conservation Fund provided a large grant through their District 5. The remainder of the funds were provided by the Put-in-Bay Township Park District and donations from the Lake Erie Islands Conservancy. We wish to thank the Cleveland family for working with us on the purchase, Ohio water trailsNeal Hess as conservation realtor, Marsha Collett as legal advisor, and Judy Twarek-Bickley of Hartung Title for her assistance.

Schmidlin Construction will be installing a split rail fence along the northern edge of the parcel, removing metal debris and an old storage barn for the park district. Because the old barn was home to bats, Casey Carty built a bullet bat house that will be put in place on site for the bats. We will eventually extend the current foot path through the Cleveland parcel as well. This summer EnviroScience will be visiting the preserve to remove some invasive trees and plants such as amur honeysuckle, callery pear, and English ivy.

We are very excited to be able to preserve these beautiful termini of Middle Bass Island. The rocky shores and reef that extends from the point are important fish and mussel habitat and great for shoreline fishing. The wooded shores are a perfect stopover habitat for migratory birds. The woods are an interesting mix with many Ohio Buckeye and Kentucky Coffee trees. Now the Middle Bass Island East Point Preserve is almost 11 acres for walking, birding, and a stop on the Lake Erie Islands Water Trail. Paddle on over and enjoy the area soon!

And most important- a big THANK YOU to all of our supporters–together we have been able to preserve some beautiful places to enjoy!!! Your donations have allowed us to be able to offer funds toward these purchases!

Lisa Brohl, Chair, Lake Erie Islands Conservancy