I-LYA Power Regatta up Next

Regatta gathers on Put-in-Bay “A” dock

All I-LYA Boaters are invited to join for some fun at the Put-in-Bay 2022 Power Boat Regatta beginning 26 July.

Dock at A&C Dock for only a $2.05 ft.

Social Packages for adults on boats that are docked with I-LYA are $50 per person.  Those without boats are $60 per person. Social Packages include all dinner meals.  It also includes activities listed below for 4 days.

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Gibraltar Classcam Reveals Mild Day

Weather changes?  Who knew?

The brilliant sunshine of yesterday gives way to mild temperatures and overcast skies.  Nonetheless, Put-in-Bay remains active and pleasant on this late Saturday in July.

The wind is at 7kts out of the southwest; air temperature is 72°F.

NOAA Weather reports:  Scattered thunderstorms may re-develop across the region tonight, with a few strong to severe thunderstorms producing strong winds and hail possible.  Locally heavy rainfall may also occur.

In case you wonder, the scene might look like this in six months:

OSU Gibraltar Classcam, 20 January 2022