Lake Erie Solo Challenge Begins Saturday

Shock&All departs Put-in-Bay for Toledo on 14 August 2020.

Lake Erie Solo Challenge, sponsored by the Great Lakes Singlehanded Society, begins on Saturday, 15 August 2020.  Seasoned sailor Russ Krock, a frequent visitor to Put-in-Bay, races aboard Schock&All.

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Great Lakes Singlehanded Society describes the competition this way:

“The course will start approximately .7 nautical miles outside of the harbor at North Cape Yacht Club/Toledo Beach Marina. It then proceeds approximately forty nautical miles eastbound thru Pelee Passage, leaving Pelee Island, Ontario to starboard, thence approximately one hundred sixty eight nautical miles to Seneca Shoal Light (approximately 42o47.5’ / 78o56.0’), R”2”, Fl R4s, near Buffalo, NY.  After rounding the buoy, leaving it to starboard, the course proceeds southwesterly approximately sixty three nautical miles to the finish mark (approximately 42o09.9/ 80o03.2), R”2”, Fl R4s, just outside the harbor at Presque Isle Harbor. The course distance is rated at 271 nautical miles (312 statute miles).  The Great Lakes Single-handed Society stresses that the spirit of the Challenge is to complete a safe and seamanlike passage. The fact that a race event is being held does not condone unseamanlike conduct in fog, traffic or conditions of fatigue.”

Vessel race-tracking is available HERE!

Put in Bay Moorings

Put-in-Bay Moorings, operated by Boardwalk Harbor Operations, adjusts hours to meet demand while balancing service staffing resources.  Please visit Boardwalk Harbor Operations for complete and updated information on mooring balls, Park Place Boat Club docks, and Put-in-Bay marine fuel station.

Put in Bay moorings

Enjoy “serenity now!”

Currently, the Put-in-Bay Moorings have the following hours:

Put-in-Bay Mooring Field  —  Harbor Taxi Service  

Monday & Tuesday – 8am to 6pm

Wednesday & Thursday – 8am to 8pm

Friday & Saturday – 8am to 10pm

Sunday  –  8am to 6pm

Pyrates & Sharks, Oh My!

Residents of Woodville, Ohio, and Leesburg, Virginia, put the “Arrrgh” into a day at The Bay!

Overcast skies, high humidity, and a muggy 77° (81° heat index) wrap Put-in-Bay on Saturday afternoon.  Nonetheless, avid sailors and fun-loving traditionalists appear on the horizon. Members of the Put-in-Bay Yacht Club sail around a makeshift course while cheery pyrates pay tribute to what is usually Pyrate Fest weekend at Put-in-Bay.


14′ Starcraft Motorboat for Sale at Put-in-Bay


14' Starcraft14′ Starcraft Motorboat for Sale

Boat:  1959 Starcraft 14′; newly painted interior and refinished wood trim
Motor:  1990 8HP Yamaha Longshaft–only 30 hours; included fuel line, fuel tank, and cut-off cord
Accessories: Trailer; Danforth anchor and 25′ line;1 adult life vest; bird-poop cover; oars
Location: Put-in-Bay, South Bass Island
Price: $1275
Contact:  [removed]