Ottawa County Health Department Updates Vaccine Distribution

Ottawa County Health Department Update on Phase 1B Vaccine Distribution

PORT CLINTON – In order to assist in the vaccine distribution process, the Ottawa County Health Department has created a pre-registration form to collect information from residents who would be interested in receiving the Covid-19 vaccine. This information will be used to help local partners to plan for vaccine distribution as it becomes available in each phase.

Once Ottawa County begins each vaccination phase, the Ottawa County Health Department will notify individuals qualifying for that phase via the phone number and/or email address provided. Please double check your contact information as it is vitally important to ensure we can reach you when ready. The form can be found at For those individuals who have a disability, no access to technology or are experiencing technical issues in completing this form, they can contact the United Way 2-1-1 line for assistance.

Each individual being vaccinated needs to complete a separate form, as some individuals within a family may be eligible for vaccination at different times.

Next Anticipated Phase: 1B
-Ohioans, age 65 and older
-Younger people with severe congenital, developmental, or early-onset medical disorders that make them particularly vulnerable –  such as cerebral palsy; spina bifida; congenital heart disease; type 1 diabetes; inherited metabolic disorders; severe neurologic disorders including epilepsy; severe genetic disorders including Down Syndrome, Fragile X, Prader Willi Syndrome, Turner Syndrome; severe lung disease including cystic fibrosis and severe asthma; sickle cell anemia; and alpha- and beta-thalassemia.
-Adults/employees who work in schools (K-12)

On January 7th, Governor Mike DeWine announced the following schedule for Phase 1B vaccine distribution.
-Week of January 18th – Ohioans 80+ years of age
-Week of January 25th – Ohioans 75+ years of age and individuals with severe congenital, development, or early onset medical disorders
-Week of February 1st – Ohioans 70+ years of age and Adults/employees who work in schools (K-12)
-Week of February 8th – Ohioans 65+ years of age

All vaccine distribution is subject to availability of doses distributed to the Ottawa County Health Department.

Keep the Faith During Winter


Kaleidoscope, by Berni Steinbach

Winter weather on the Bass Islands has put us in the doldrums, in spite of northerly winds and near freezing temperatures.  No ice, no snow, and a soggy ground with heavily overcast skies continue to put us in “the blues,” and we’re not talking music.  A casual survey of friends and neighbors reveals depression and frustration creep about.  National political and COVID-19 issues unravel, and personal confrontations on social media go unabated.  Is there rest for the weary?

I’d like to suggest we direct our attention to all that is good, all that works, all that underscores our perseverance, notwithstanding the miasma.  South Bass Island school students continue with community outreach service.  Senior Tali Steidl recently delivered home-made soup and cookies.  Marine service master Bob Glauser assisted an out-of-town neighbor by securing an important shipment.  EMS Director Patrick Rogers was able to provide virus vaccinations for the Fire Department and EMS members.  Island Air and Griffing Flying Service continue to offer service to and from the islands.  The General Store, Island Beverage Center, and Hardware Store remain open for business.  The Put-in-Bay Volunteer Fire Department will host a take-out-only spaghetti dinner on 9 January from 5-7pm, and Topsy Turvey’s announces the start of the Dart League on 13 January.  And let’s not forget The Forge offers on-line menu service!  Post Office, Township, and Village business continues through tireless devotion of public servants, and there’s no stopping The Put-in-Bay Gazette, which celebrates the start of their 41st year.  Find a copy and look at all the summer employment opportunities!  Even the National Weather Service keeps a positive tone for real winter in today’s discussion: “… ensemble data is growing that an unsettled and wintry weather pattern could return by late week.”

All these particulars may seem mundane and ordinary, but they illustrate how well our community moves forward through the challenges and tumult of the times.  Keep the faith, neighbors, keep the faith!

New Year’s Day Thoughts

This new year’s day we look to Walt Whitman’s 1848 poem “New Year’s Day” to remind ourselves we are not alone in keeping faith for a better future:

Day of a coming year promising change,
Yet full of promises, we need but watch
And pray for guardianship to come
Over caprices and all foolish ways!
So shall bright sunshine in advancing days
And starry invitations lead to Heavenly praise.

PiBDaily thanks you for your ongoing interest, support, and encouragement.  Let fresh waves of hope, good health, and prosperity be with you in 2021 and beyond.

Most Sincerely and always in good faith,

–Donna & Berni Steinbach

Can You Identify the Put-in-Bay Roof-Top?

Put-in-Bay Roof-top Contest

I’d love the freedom
to move through a city
on rooftops.

–Brian Moses

Eleven (11!) Put-in-Bay roof-tops are pictured below.  Correctly identify each one by name and enter your answers with a private message on the Put-in-Bay Daily Facebook Page.  The first twenty-five correct answers win a PiBDaily key float. [click on image for enlarged view]











Put-in-Bay Ullr Fest Burns COVID-19 in Effigy

Billy Market “burns the germ!”

Put-in-Bay Ullr Fest set afire COVID-19 in effigy to celebrate and hasten the onset of winter–especially ice!  Captain Billy Market and team members of Miller Boat Line created a paper mache COVID-19.  The virus, floating in the harbor near The Boardwalk on Tuesday evening, erupted into flame just after Rev. Mary Staley did the benediction and Mr. Market expressed sincere thanks for the community’s resolve during the trials of 2020.  A large, appreciative crowd of winter residents witnessed the spectacle.  The event closed with a moving fireworks display.  Afterwards, fireworks appeared across Lake Erie at Middle Bass Island, illuminating Lonz Winery.