Winter Storm a Bust at Put-in-Bay

The winter storm forecast calling for 4-7″ of snow was a bust at Put-in-Bay on Wednesday. Promised as, “Living in a snow globe,” the weather system left only a couple inches of slushy snow and a few hours of noteworthy winds this afternoon.

Put-in-Bay School closed for the day, but other local services did not succumb to the day-long Winter Storm Warning.  At this writing, Put-in-Bay hovers at 33° with fog/mist and a Hazardous Weather Outlook for Thursday.

Nonetheless, photographer Kate Ostapchuk found some charming scenes to share from her outing to East Point.


Put-in-Bay Snow Inspires

Put-in-Bay snow inspires outdoor enthusiasts, including writers, photographers, hikers, and dog-walkers!   Numerous adventurers were out and about after Sunday’s two-inch snowfall.

Captain Russ Brohl captured this wonderfully poetic view at Cooper’s Woods:

PiBDaily features a second contribution celebrating a fresh winter’s landscape.

The Peacefulness of Wintertime
By Amanda Downey

The beauty of winter captures my soul.
First freshly fallen snow
Is a magical event, it brings joy to our hearts.
What a childhood memory it is; oh snow we were never really  apart.


Snowflakes fall and glisten in the cold winter sun.
Oh snow angels, oh how fun.
A winter stroll brings a familiar crunch beneath our feet.

Even the simple things are a treat.
Take time to slow down, rest and relax–It’s okay, too.
Winter is a time for you. Enjoy the view!

Put-in-Bay Panther Basketball Closes Weekend on High Note

Panther Basketball closes on a high note after a long weekend of home basketball games versus Horizon Jaguars and Monclova Christian Academy.  Losses in the first set of contests were salvaged by the girls team!

The boys Panthers had a rematch of Friday night’s game.  Both teams started off a bit slow as they settled into the game.  The visiting Jaguars used a strong second quarter and rode out the rest of the clock to a 30-21 victory.















Next up was the junior game; the coed Panther squad battled and took a 31-30 lead with less than two minutes to go, but Horizon closed the game on a. 6-0 run to get the 36-31 victory.

The lady Panthers then fought the Thunder from Monclova Christian.   Ava Heineman scored the game’s first six points and the ladies never looked back. The panthers won 24-11 and finished the weekend on a high note.



“I think the whole island will need a nap after this weekend, and I want to thank everyone who made this possible,” said Coach Schuffenecker.  He added, “It truly takes an island to pull off a weekend of basketball like this.”

Get Your Growl on Panthers!


Panther All-Stars Basketball Wins Community Hearts

Friday evening’s Panther All-Stars basketball game at Put-in-Bay School was a blend of great entertainment and a meaningful showcase of fundamental basketball skills taught to Put-in-Bay Elementary students.  Congratulations to Coach Adam Danes!

Below are action shots illustrating the enthusiasm of the young players.