Panther Basketball Resumes On-Court Action!

Put in Bay BasketballPut in Bay SchoolPut-in-Bay Panther Basketball begins today, after a three-game cancellation due to weather.

Junior High begins at 9am, followed by the girls at 10:30am and the boys’ game at noon.

Tune in for live action on radio, and return to Put-in-Bay Daily for action photos.Put in Bay basketball

Check the Calendar!

Put-in-Bay remains an active and adventure-filled place, as witnessed by the recent ice-fishing extravaganza.  Note,  however, there are great indoor activities coming up on the calendar.

Put in Bay basketballThe Panther Basketball teams have had three scheduled game dates cancelled due to weather, but it looks like a “Go!” for this Saturday.  Don’t miss the community excitement!

Great breakfast fellowship awaits your attendance at this Sunday’s Volunteer Fire Department fundraiser.Put in Bay Fire Department

A little bit further down the road, you will not want to forego the scrumptious treats competing for “Chocolate Champ” at the Erie Islands Library.Put in Bay chocolate fest

Lunar Event Featured at Upcoming Astronomy Program

Lake Erie Islands ConservancyLake Erie Islands Conservancy will present a Winter Astronomy Program at the Put-in-Bay Town Hall on Thursday, January 25, 2018, from 7-7:45pm.


The full moon each month has different names. Some are based on Native American names and others on Colonial America. Full moons can cause lunar eclipses and be named a blue moon if it is Super Moonthe second one during a month. The full moon is always during a high tide and since its closeness to Earth varies daily, the Super Full Moon has its position in space closest to Earth.

On January 31st there will be a Blue Moon, Total Lunar Eclipse and it will be a Super Moon!  Learn about the moon’s affect on the Earth. Come and hear all about this upcoming lunar event and how to view it.

Snow, Check. Pizza Check. Basketball, No.

Put in Bay snowplowPut in Bay PantherThe dramatic weather shift from 55°F and rain to 20°F and steady snow with gusty northerly winds has prompted the cancellation of Saturday’s Panther Basketball games at Put-in-Bay School.  Travel concerns for the visiting teams prompted the decision.

Put in Bay School PizzaHowever, the Put-in-Bay School Senior Class will deliver pizzas to island residents this evening, as promised!

Got Pizza?

Put in Bay School PizzaPut-in-Bay School’s Senior class will hold a pizza fundraiser on Friday, January 12th from 5:00-7:30 pm. They will deliver pizzas to your door!

Toppings include:  cheese, pepperoni, mushroom, black olives and banana peppers.

There will be signs at the General Store and Post Office with papers to fill out your order, or you may call 419-285-3614 to place your order.

Put in Bay School

Go Senior Panthers!

Your support will benefit the class of 2018’s trip to Hawaii in March.  The class of 2018 includes Gwena Market, Justin Wilhelm, Tatyana Kowalski, and Erin Urge.  After graduation, Gwena will attend Kent State, Justin will attend Columbus State, Tatyana will attend Wright State, and Erin will attend Miami University.

Get Ready for Blue, Super and Red Moon!

Gene Zajac, Put-in-Bay’s Village Astronomer, prepares us for another wonderful spectacle in the night sky!

On Wednesday, January 31st, we have our second full moon of January and 2018. It is also a Super Moon, the second time in 2018! It is the first of two Total Lunar eclipses for the year, and the first Blue Moon of 2018–the second Blue Moon of the year comes in March.  The most commonly accepted definition of a Blue Moon is “the second full moon in a month.”  The saying, “Once in a Blue Moon,” means an infrequent event. February will have no full moon this year.

Moon FactsAt 6:51 am, Wednesday (1/31), the full blue moon enters into the darkest part of Earth’s shadow called the umbra.  It will be in the Western sky. During a Total Lunar Eclipse the Moon takes on a reddish cast. As the moon sets at 7:44 am, the sun rises. The moon sets with half of its celestial body in the umbra. The farther west you are, the closer you come to totality. Our friends in Hawaii will see the eclipse from start to finish. Thus we have a Red Blue Moon.

A Super Moon is defined as the full moon being near its closest point during its orbit around the Earth. The term comes from an astrologer and not an astronomer. His name is Richard Nolle, and he defined the term (over 30 years ago) as when the Full Moon is within 90% of its closest approach to Earth .  Other astronomy organizations have applied their own definitions, but most concur we are having a second Blue Moon. A Super Moon is 14% larger and 30% brighter than a moon at its greatest distance from Earth!

If you get up early enough to see the setting Moon, Jupiter will be high and directly South. It is followed by Mars, then Saturn in the SE with Mercury making its appearance just before the 7:44 am sunrise. I hope it is a clear morning. It would make a great picture from a shanty as one prepares to ice fish!