Put-in-Bay Road Races Set New 2020 Date

Put in Bay Road RacersNext year’s Put-in-Bay Road Races and Reunion event is scheduled for September 29 – October 2, 2020.  Racing takes place on Wednesday September 30 and Thursday October 1, 2020.  Building on the enthusiastic response from this year’s Tin-Top feature race, organizers open the gates to all eligible Saabs and VW-powered cars.  Turners, whose North American Reunion has been part of several previous Put-in-Bay events, are also invited back.

“Trick or Treat” Set for Friday Due to Weather Forecast

Put-in-Bay Trick-or-Treat will take place on Friday, November 1st, 2019, from 6-8pm.

The arrival of inclement weather on Thursday (rain between 8pm and 2am, with a low around 38°F and southwest wind 34 to 38 mph) prompts the change by the Put-in-Bay Recreation Committee.  The Kids Party at Tippers is also on Friday, November 1st . The Halloween Haunted House will be at the Town Hall from 8:15pm to 9pm.  Adults Welcome, too!

Put-in-Bay Mayoral Candidates Address Voters

Letter to the Voters in Put-in-Bay Village, by Mayor Jessica Cuffman
Put in Bay Election

Mayor Jessica Cuffman

I’m so very fortunate to find myself with another opportunity to reach out to the public and say why I think I should be elected as the Mayor of the Village of Put-in-Bay.  I’m so very grateful.

What I campaign for is the future of the children that my husband, Donnie Dress, and I will be lucky enough to raise here in this quiet, safe place. That is my campaign — to make sure Put-in-Bay is a place where we will want our children to grow, and for it to be a place our children will want to inherit, live in, and to become sixth-generation islanders. And Seventh. And Eighth.

In other campaign articles I’ve talked about what I’ve done in my four years on council and in my six years living on South Bass Island.  Now, I take this opportunity to share what I would like to accomplish as mayor for a four-year term.

I see a community that is progressive, forward thinking, and proactive in our plans for “one island” or “Bass Island Government,” rather than reactive. Seeing what’s best for all who live here. The unfortunate circumstance of village government is that a small pool of voters is able to vote for the council and the mayor. From that small pool, what happens downtown affects us all, with regard to revenue, our enjoyment of the island, our joy of the good, and endurance of bad publicity.  There’s a disproportion between the number of people those factors affect, and those who can actually run for office and choose who our elected officials are.

For that reason, I will continue to encourage voluntary annexation into the village limits, while also researching the pros and cons of any sort of government restructuring so options can be placed before the community prior to any changes.

The discussion about whether a waterline to the mainland could be more effective is in a decades-long cycle. The most current consensus is that anything imminent, meaning in the next 10 years, is not currently feasible or reasonable with village budget constraints. But the current government should not dismiss or disregard the discussion. Until funds are available to be fully invested to explore outstanding questions, we won’t know for sure.  In the meantime, with an amazing current staff and contractors, we’ve invested in a $2-million project to ensure that our island water supply is one of the best in the State of Ohio for the coming years.

Most important is the stabilization of the police department by investing in long-term housing for officers. While we’ve taken steps in the past two years to invest in additional property downtown to provide long-term housing in the form of small apartments for year-round officers, it’s a start, but it’s not enough.  If we want consistency in policing — in investment by officers into the well-being of the community, and in any kind of longevity of officers beyond their initial years in gaining police experience in Put-in-Bay — we have to do better.  Budgeting for further investment, by moving all police housing to the Erie Street property and building larger housing units for officers to have families, is essential to our future.

As a volunteer EMT for the township, I’ve seen firsthand the comfort that comes at an emergency scene when residents are familiar with the first-responders who come into their homes or into their lives at some of the most traumatic moments possible. Retaining officers year-to-year is so important to developing trust between our residents and the police department.

Finally, I will continue building accountability and transparency in all our village workings and departments.  Government, at all levels, works for the people – for the taxpayer.  All records are theirs. Each decision is made on behalf of what the people say.  As mayor, I will continue to pass on that attitude to village employees and ask officials to follow my lead to work together.  Differences in opinion will always be welcome and expected. Being able to work through them to deliver what’s best for the community is where our strengths lie.

I ask for your vote, for support from the whole community, to take a few more steps toward organizing our government to be what we need, hope it can be, expect it to be.  I’ve come as far as I have by working with members of council and by working with members of our administration.  Setting employees up for success with a reliable support system and doing it all with fiscal responsibility and transparency is fundamental.

I ask for continued support to see this mission through for at least one full term as mayor.

I have, and will do everything I can to make sure this is the best place possible I can live, and you can choose to live.

I want to do well, to be kind, and to serve the best interests of the people I represent.  With your support, I will do nothing less.

I ask for your vote on November 5th to continue serving as Mayor of the Village of Put-in-Bay.  It’s your island.  It’s your future.

Letter to the Voters in Put-in-Bay Village, by Judy Berry
Put in Bay Election

Candidate for Mayor, Judy Berry

To Our Wonderful Put-in-Bay Community,

As seasons change so does our island politics and the issues that are important to the future of our island. Some of you may know me and some may not.  I will be running for the office of mayor in the upcoming election.

I came to the island in 1985, embarking on a venture in the lodging business and have been a fulltime resident for 24 years. During this time, I have managed my own successful business for 20 years. I know what it means to create and adhere to a budget, be fiscally responsible, manage multiple employees, and be a prospering enterprise while respecting the concerns of our residential neighbors.  I am committed to keeping this a wonderful place to reside while working with the thriving business community.

As a former mayor of the village of Put-in-Bay, I know what it takes to achieve success in the challenges we face. We have an amazing community. The inner workings of the island may seem distant to some, but they are at the heart and soul of what makes this island great. During my time in village government I worked diligently to secure grants, improve infrastructure, and find ways to cut spending while still being productive in our village goals.

Some of the projects I worked on while on council and as mayor are:

-upgrades and expansions of the sewer and water treatment facilities

-building of additional water holding tank

-acquiring housing for the utilities department

-securing grants for the dock project

-upgrading the heating system in the bathhouse for substantial cost savings

-developed a Safety Program with the Ohio Department of Workers Compensation which helped to lower premiums

-worked with State of Ohio to help facilitate the collection of the gross receipts tax

But anyone who has been in the political arena has accomplishments that they have achieved while in office. I think the real test is engaging with and listening to the concerns of the community. I promise to do that. And I will act on those issues that matter most to you with urgency, accountability, and transparency. I will bring a common sense, creative approach to the office of mayor. I will be open-minded when exploring options and finding solutions to village problems.

My campaign platform based on the greatest concerns we face are:

  1. Water. Providing safe drinking water has and will continue to be a top priority. While the algae persists to plague Lake Erie, we must be vigilant in the struggle to stay one step ahead.  We must explore all options to keep our water treatment facility relevant for our needs.
  1. Safety. Keeping this island safe continues to be a challenge. Creative hiring, constant training, and proper funding of the police department remain at the top of the agenda.

In addition to these priorities, I promise to foster open communication and work together with the other island governments and our business community to achieve goals and solve problems. Nowhere else does your vote count as much as it does on our small island.  I humbly ask you to please join my vision and vote Judith Berry for Mayor on November 5.


Judy Berry

Put-in-Bay 10th Anniversary Vintage Sports Car Races Best Ever

Put in Bay Road Races

Photo by Mainzer

Put-in-Bay, OH 10/23/19 — The 2019 Put-in-Bay vintage sports car races (held September 24-27) continued to earn enthusiastic praise for the event’s renowned atmosphere where enjoyment is the primary goal, “laid back” is the desired attitude, and the racing is expected to be competitive but respectful.

The event takes place — where it began with a very small reunion event in 2009 — on Ohio’s historic South Bass Island where sports cars raced through the public streets from 1952 to 1959 and one “last time” in 1963. Unique in vintage racing for inviting both racing- and non-racing entries, the Put-in-Bay Sports Car Races continued to draw a wide variety of vintage production cars, sports racers, and open wheel cars. This year, approximately 140 entrants hailed from 17 U.S. states and Ontario, Canada.

Put in Bay Road Races

Photo by Moran

Two days of racing took place around the twisty but fast 1.2 mile, hay bale lined circuit at the Put-in-Bay airport.  Adding to the fun of this year’s 10th Anniversary event was a special race for “Tin Top” sedans, which attracted everything from buzzy sub-1 liter European offerings to a trio of thundering 5-liter American iron.  In addition to the Tin Top race, there were four race groups plus an exhibition group. All racers received plenty of track time leading up to the event’s final race where the top finishing closed-wheel cars from the various groups are invited to compete for the “Put-in-Bay Cup.”  This year the honors went to Sam Halkias of Westerville, OH in his Triumph TR6. The event was also the third leg of the second annual Great Lakes Vintage Challenge (GLVC), a combined “race-within-a-race” competition.  Through GLVC, those who finish among the top three in at least two of three FVee and D-H Production races at the Waterford Hills Vintage Races, VSCDA Au Grattan and at Put-in-Bay can earn some further recognition for their achievements.  (See “Other Race Results” for this year’s winners).

Besides the on-track action, participants enjoy numerous other “traditions” during the nearly four days of activity that contribute to making the Put-in-Bay Sports Car Races more like an annual reunion of friends, or as one entrant recently described it: “The Holy Grail of old school vintage racing.”  These include:

  • A popular-vote car show for all entered cars;
  • Tour laps of the 1950s era 3.1 mile street course;
  • A wine & cheese reception & open mic session with invited guest (this year John Payne whose father, Tom Payne, began his successful racing career at PIB in the ‘50s, shared his memories);
  • A luncheon for non-racing significant others and supporters;
  • Highly entertaining and incredibly competitive “rocker cover” races;
  • A post-racing buffet dinner and awards program
  • Farewell brunch

PIB Organizers Set Tentative 2020 Dates for the week prior to Labor Day (8/31 – 9/3/20);

 Subject to changes due to currently unforeseeable conflicts in the North American Vintage Racing calendar, 2020 Put-in-Bay dates are tentatively set for August 31 to September 3, with racing on Tuesday September 1 and Wednesday September 2, 2020.  Building on the enthusiastic response from this year’s Tin-Top feature race, organizers are opening the gates to all eligible Saabs and VW powered cars and inviting back Turners whose North American Reunion has been part of several previous PIB events.

The Put-in-Bay vintage sports car races generally welcome drivers of vintage race prepared pre-1973 production cars up to 3 liters, sports racers up to 2 liters, Formula Vees, Formula Jrs. and Formula Fords, but exceptions for larger bore cars (such as the invited V8 sedans in this year’s Tin Top feature race) have been made for significant cars that otherwise fit the age and preparation criteria. Non-racing street-car participants can also enter in the Heritage (pre-1964) or Guest Street Car (1964-1972) classes and post ’72 street cars are considered on a case by case basis.

Coordinator, Media Contact: Manley Ford manley776 “at” yahoo.com 734 502 2435

Race Director: Jack Woehrle: jackwoehrle “at” aol.com 803 463 5388

Car Show Coordinator: Rich Hahn: putinbaytr3 “at” yahoo.com 216 226 2323

Put-in-Bay School Regatta Confronts High Winds

Put in Bay Sail RacesBrave high school sailors launch their vessels from Put-in-Bay Yacht Club and immediately feel the surging power of Put in Bay Sail Racestwenty-knot wind gusts out of the South-Southwest.  The air temperature hovers around 51°F as the 420’s gather at the start line for the first windward leg–heading toward Miller Marina from the harbor channel entrance.

Immediately, balance control becomes complex and boats capsize.  Coach boats speed over to assess safety concerns, but Put in Bay Sail Racesthe sailors prove resilient and right their crafts.  Competition is fierce and skills prove their integral part of success.  A few fall victim to the dreaded DNF and a winner is announced.  Soon, another group of sailors set their sights on the prize and give it their all.  Such is an exhilarating Saturday at the races!

Put in Bay Sail RacesPut in Bay Sail RacesPut in Bay Sail RacesPut in Bay Sail RacesPut in Bay Sail RacesPut in Bay Sail Races