Put-in-Bay Garden Club Welcomes Participants

Garden Club Put in BayPlant Exchange
Thu, Jun 04 at PIBYC – outside
Deliver and exchange plants between 2:00 and 4:00
Each plant contribution may be exchanged for a new one.
Unclaimed plants will be available to Garden Club members after 4:30 pm.
Empty pots are available at Susan Hildebrandt’s, 983 West Shore Blvd at the road end of the driveway.
Questions?  Call co-chairs: Susan Hildebrandt 440-409-1958 or Dianne Smith 440-537-9597.
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Your help is needed.  Contact Jean Hilt at 419-349-5501 to volunteer.

Yardworks Colors Life Beautiful

Color Your World

Yardworks at Put-in-Bay has a colorful solution to the frequent grey skies and drab days . . . flowers!  Put in Bay flowersYardworks offers a whole spectrum of color options for any area you may want to brighten.  Looking to splash some zest to a garden bed, or add a burst of pizzazz with some pots on your deck?  Yardworks can make it happen.  Call 419-285-2147 or e-mail at yardworkspib “at” yahoo.com.Put in Bay flowers

Organic Seed Orders Now Open at Lake Erie Islands Conservancy

seedsAmy Huston has set up an Organic Seed Order to benefit the Lake Erie Islands Conservancy and the Put-in-Bay School Environmental Club. Seeds available and order info is below.

Ordering Deadline  Saturday, January 20th

2017 Certified NonGMO ORGANIC SEEDS  $3.00/PKT.

Benefits the Lake Erie Islands Conservancy and Put-in-Bay School Environmental Club

BUSH GREEN BEANS Provider (50 days) high early yields  Best selling variety

YELLOW SWEET CORN Ashworth (72 days) germinates in cool soil.  6-7″ ears.

SNOW PEA Oregon Giant  60 days) Sweet wide 4–5″ pods, stake  3–4′ vines.

SNAP PEAS Sugar Ann (58 days) sow early, fades in heat

MUSKMELON Jenny Lind (76 days)  Spindly vines, prolific bearer, 1 lb., green flesh.

WATERMELON Blacktail Mountain (71 days) orange red fruit, Early

CUCUMBER LittleLeaf H-19 Pickling (60 days) Sets fruit without pollination,prolific

CUCUMBER Marketmore 76  (63 days) 8 inchgreen, vines vigorous through season.

ACORN SQUASH Sweet Reba (90 days) compact bush, 1 pound, high sugar content

DELICATA WINTER SQUASH (100 days) Zeppelin heirloom l lb fruit

BUTTERNUT SQUASH Waltham  (105 days) 9″fruits, 4–5 lb. Orange flesh.  

PUMPKIN Winter Luxury(100 days) orange skin & flesh, 7–8 lb fruits, pumpkin pie.

SQUASH Galeux d’Eysines (98 days) warted 15 lb flat pumpkin, orange flesh

CARROT Danvers 126 (75 days)  half long at 7: orange, more tolerant of clay soil

BEET Early Wonder Tall Top   (48 days) Plant early, purple greens

BEET Touchstone Gold (55 days)  golden beet with long green tops, sweet

LEEK King Sleg (84 days) early. 6″ long, 3″ wide, can overwinter

SPINACH Winter Bloomsdale (47 days)  dark green  tolerates temperature extremes

SPINACH Bloomsdale Open pollinated standard crinkled leaf bolts in summer heat

LETTUCE Black Seeded Simpson (42 days) green, sow early as ground can be worked

LETTUCE Really Red Deer Tongue(48 days) deep red, contrasting veins, early spring

LETTUCE Red Eared Butterheart, (56 days)vigorous, red leaves, green veins

ROMAINE LETTUCE Pandero (63 days) purple, sow early, harvest small, bolts

ARUGULA (47 days) resistant to cold weather

CHARD Red Rhubarb (59 days) crimson stalks, dark green leaves, hardy

PAC CHOY Prize Choy (50 days) 15-18″, celery-like white stems, vase shaped, stir fry

BROCCOLI Fiesta (86 days) F-1 Hybrid, green small tightly-domed multiple heads

KALE Vates Dwarf Blue Curled Scotch (56 days), 12-16″ plants

EGGPLANT Diamond (78 days) 2 foot with 12 oz. fruit clusters, good in cold climate

PEPPERS Peacework (65 days)  thick walled  medium sized, up to 6 per plant

HOT PEPPERS Hinkelhatz (88 days) 1 in. peppers, nearly as hot as habaneros

TOMATO Cosmonaut Volkov (65 days) early, 8-12 oz . globes deep red

TOMATO German Johnson (80 days) heirloom, pink, meaty, 10-16 oz., sandwich size

TOMATO Amish Paste (85 days)  oxheart shaped, 8 oz.,  high producing

CHERRY TOMATO Jasper Hybrid (60 days)  deep red, prolific, disease resistant

BASIL Sweet (70 days) heavy yields, fresh, dried, pesto

DILL Bouquet (55 days) sweet finely cut leaves for your pickle jars.

OKRA Cajun Jewel (65 days) 3-4 foot plants with 7 inch pods

Contact Amy Huston to order:

On-island delivery. 

credit card order:  call or text over phone — 802/477-2091

personal check to Amy Huston, Box 304, Put-in-Bay, Ohio 43456

Box 304, Put-in-Bay, Ohio 43456     802/477-2091   lakeerieoriginals “at” gmail.com