Lake Erie Ice Chart Emphasizes Need for Caution

Lake Erie Ice
Lake Erie Ice Chart, circa 1994.

An ice chart of western Lake Erie, published roughly twenty-eight years ago by the Put-in-Bay Ice Yacht Club, presents a clear graphical view of safety issues frequently mentioned by experienced Lake Erie ice guides.  The chart highlights danger zones and possible ice cracks; most importantly, it delivers a stern disclaimer for those who venture onto frozen Lake Erie.

“This map is not intended for navigational use. The locations of cracks are an approximation of their general location and direction.  Their positions may vary from year to year.  Although this map is provided by the Put-in-Bay Ice Yacht Club, the P.I.B.I.Y.C. assumes no liability or responsibility for its contents or misuse.”

Click on the chart for the enlarged view.

Snow Adds to Put-in-Bay Wonderland

Dustin Shaffer ready for another Island Air Taxi flight to Port Clinton, Ohio

Four inches of snow fell overnight and into early Sunday morning.  The accumulation places an accent on the already dramatic configurations of ice on Lake Erie around Put-in-Bay.  Outdoor activity is the norm for the day!

The National Weather Service reports more snow is on the way:  “Monday morning, another Alberta clipper will move through the Great Lakes region, although the track with this one is slightly north of the Sunday event. Total snow accumulations with this clipper system are expected to be 1-3 inches.”

Paul Ladd creates ice-skating area!
Ice rendezvous!

Snap, Crackle, Pop–Ice Fishing’s Back!

Put-in-Bay West Shore ramp leads to shanty village on Lake Erie.

The Put-in-Bay Lighthouse air temperature never got above 19°F in the twenty-four hour period beginning yesterday at 5pm.  Consequently, Lake Erie ice around the Bass Islands has become a winter-fisherman’s heaven.  Island resident Terry Jenkins reports  ice thickness is 6″ straight out from the ramp.

Mild Temperature Puts Brakes on Ice Fishing

Solitary shanty at SBI State Park

Put-in-Bay temperatures have hover in the low forties (F) and create a mushy mess on ice around South Bass Island.  Ice-boaters reluctantly stayed off the harbor ice, and only five shanties are off the West Shore.  A few intrepid fishers walked through ice puddles to enter a remote shanty.  However, the weekend forecast has daytime highs in the upper 20’sF.  Keep the faith!

West Shore ice-fishers on Wednesday, 19 January 2022