Sun Bright, Not Quite!

Sunday’s sun-bright turns again to burly-surly weather on Monday at Put-in-Bay. National Weather Service in Cleveland reports the following upcoming conditions:

Wind gusts over 40 MPH are possible at times Monday afternoon through
early Tuesday. Yet another low pressure system tracks from the lee of the

Rockies into the central Great Lakes–a familiar pattern for the region for much of the last month. This system once again will not be able to tap into Arctic air which has been locked north in Canada for the bulk of the past two months.

Photos by Kate Ostapchuk

Signs of Change at Put-in-Bay

Although it is the “off-season,” signs of change at Put-in-Bay are evident everywhere.  Building remodeling, storm clean-up, electrical upgrades, and pre-construction landscaping indicate pre-season activity abounds.

Around 500 BCE, Greek philosopher Heraclitus propounded a distinctive theory: things are constantly changing (universal flux).  And so it is at Put-in-Bay this winter.  A brief island tour provides relevant images . . .

Corner of Meechen and Langram roads

Put-in-Bay Environment Glistens

In spite of heavily overcast skies, as captured by NOAA satellite weather imagery, Put-in-Bay environment glistens.  English poet Barry Tebb captures the feeling of our island scenes in this excerpt:

“Blusters of naked wind whipping

the wavelets of shifting water to imaginary floating islets.”

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                  Where eagles roam!
Photos by Donna Steinbach