Earth Day Walk Opens Fresh Horizon

Massie Cliffside PreserveMassie Cliffside Perserve, on the eastern side of South Bass Island, offers an easy and serene walk through the woods to a most pleasing panoramic view of Put-in-Bay.  With spring green still a week or so distant, the trail feels open and airy, Put in Bay natureand it prompts attentiveness to birds flitting about and new ground growth.  It is an island destination not to be missed!Put in Bay naturePut in Bay natureMassie Cliffside Preserve

Beautiful Birds Migrate via Put-in-Bay

birds on Bass IslandsSometimes bad weather brings down migratory birds very close to view.  Sandy Fontal took the photo of a yellow-rumped warbler in front of Tippers on Sunday. They seem to be everywhere on the island; usually they are up in the trees and hard to see, but because of the  cold and their hunger for insects they are where we can all get a good look at them. Don’t try to stress the birds, though, as they are having a hard enough time.  Just enjoy seeing them!

Lisa Brohl / Lake Erie Islands Conservancy

Have Debris?

Yardworks is ready to clean up what Mother Nature dished out.   What was to be the beginning of the mowing season this week has become a second Lawn and Yard Put in Bayround of cleanups.  Lawn and Yard Put in BayThe Yardworks Crew will be picking up, raking and hauling away what was deposited on lawns across the island.  Give Yardworks a call if you need help with getting your yard ready for mowin …again!   Call 419-285-2147 or e-mail at yardworkspib “at”

South Bass Yardworks

Call today! 419-285-2147

Put-in-Bay Not Giving Up the Ship During Nor’Easter

Put in Bay floodingPut-in-Bay  experienced strong winds, heavy rain, and considerable flooding Saturday.  Over an inch of rain in the last twenty-four hours, combined with fierce nor’easterly winds, caused damage to the hydraulic ramp at Miller Boat Line’s Lime Kiln Dock as two of the ferries anchored in the lee of the storm near South Bass Island State Park.  In the village, high water covered several sections of State Route 357 from Perry’s Monument to Ohio State University’s Stone Laboratory.  Numerous mainland fishermen and local residents toured Island roads to witness the revised environment.

The National Weather Service forecast for Saturday afternoon includes: Showers. High near 45. Breezy, with a southeast wind 17 to 25 mph, with gusts as high as 39 mph. Chance of precipitation is 90%.Put in Bay floodingPut in Bay floodingPut in Bay floodingPut in Bay floodingPut in Bay floodingPut in Bay flooding

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Business Openings Not Thwarted by Nor’easter

Round House Bar Put in BayPut-in-Bay settled into a stormy Saturday with no Miller Boat Line service, northeast winds gusting to 29 knots, and steady rain.  Nonetheless, the Round House Bar, REEL BAR, Pasquales, Frosty’s, Boat House, and Cameo Pizza opened for the 2018 season.  Unfortunately, the weather forecast for Sunday and Monday continues with a Lakeshore Flood Warning and Gale Warning.  The images below reveal some of the intense environmental change a nor’easter with high water levels delivers.

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