Lake Erie Islands Conservancy Springs to Action for Earth Day

On Sunday, April 22, the Lake Erie Islands Conservancy will hold an Earth Day walk at the Scheeff East Point Preserve. Meet in the parking lot at 10 a.m. to learn about spring arrivals of our summer residents–purple martins and tree swallows–with Paula Ziebarth. View the new Chimney Swift Tower purchased by LEIC member Karen Jennings and built by member Casey Carty. We will have garbage bags and buckets to clean up the shoreline from winter storms. We will also bring some binoculars for visitors to enjoy closer looks at our early arrivals.

After a walk and clean up, we will head to the Jane Coates Wildflower Trail for some invasive garlic mustard pulling and early spring wildflower viewing. Do your part to ensure that the Dutchman’s breeches continue to grow at the Wildflower Trail. Gloves and bags will be provided. Heineman’s winery will provide water.

Celebrate Earth Day and spring with us!

Lisa Brohl / Lake Erie Islands Conservancy

Bass Islands conservation

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Beautiful Birds Migrate via Put-in-Bay

birds on Bass IslandsSometimes bad weather brings down migratory birds very close to view.  Sandy Fontal took the photo of a yellow-rumped warbler in front of Tippers on Sunday. They seem to be everywhere on the island; usually they are up in the trees and hard to see, but because of the  cold and their hunger for insects they are where we can all get a good look at them. Don’t try to stress the birds, though, as they are having a hard enough time.  Just enjoy seeing them!

Lisa Brohl / Lake Erie Islands Conservancy

Have Debris?

Yardworks is ready to clean up what Mother Nature dished out.   What was to be the beginning of the mowing season this week has become a second Lawn and Yard Put in Bayround of cleanups.  Lawn and Yard Put in BayThe Yardworks Crew will be picking up, raking and hauling away what was deposited on lawns across the island.  Give Yardworks a call if you need help with getting your yard ready for mowin …again!   Call 419-285-2147 or e-mail at yardworkspib “at”

South Bass Yardworks

Call today! 419-285-2147