Nor’Wester Slams Put-in-Bay

Put in Bay floodingPut in Bay floodingHigh wind and frothy waves crashed upon the Bass Islands Thursday evening.  Peak northwest gusts at South Bass Island Lighthouse measured 34 knots (39mph), and continuous wind was steady at 29 knots (33mph).  Flooding created hazardous travel toward East Point and on Bayview Avenue near Put-in-Bay Yacht Club.  Boaters at the Crews Nest docks added extra lines for security.  High water also spilled over the seawall at South Bass Island State Park. Click images for enlarged view.Put in Bay floodingPut in Bay floodingPut in Bay floodingPut in Bay floodingPut in Bay floodingPut in Bay flooding

Weather Changes on Horizon, Again

Weather reports from NOAA suggest another round of soggy conditions for the Bass Islands and north shores of Ohio:

East to northeast winds will increase late tonight and lead to rising
water levels on the western basin of Lake Erie. Lakeshore flooding is
possible along the western shoreline of Lake Erie and the Lake Erie
Islands late tonight. High water levels and the potential for Lakeshore
Flooding will continue on the western basin of Lake Erie on Sunday.

Saturday morning white caps in Put-in-Bay harbor: “The sheep are grazing!”

Miller Boat Line Weather Awareness for Sunday, 5/12/19 ~ Strong NE winds are predicted that can affect the Miller Ferry schedules.

Great Lakes water levels information HERE!

Nor’Easter Hurls Lake Erie Ashore

Nor’Easter becomes an all too familiar expression as another round of fierce winds raises Lake Erie water levels.  Steady readings in the upper teens, and Put in Bay Nor'Eastergusts approaching 30 knots, are in the South Bass Island Lighthouse weather record for Wednesday.  As night falls around the Bass Islands, the Put in Bay Nor'Easterbarometer drops and ENE wind continues to batter the eastern shoreline.  A Lakeshore Flood Warning is in effect until 8am Thursday, 9 May 2019.

Due to water spilling violently over the island’s shores, Miller Boat Line docked the Put-in-Bay at South Bass Island State Park as a precautionary measure.  Afternoon operations were curtailed; as of this writing no report on ferry service for Thursday.  Check with Miller Ferry for updates.Put in Bay Nor'Easter

Put in Bay Nor'EasterPut in Bay Nor'EasterPut in Bay Nor'EasterPut in Bay Nor'Easter

Put-in-Bay Properties Deserve Yardworks!

Property MaintenanceSticks & StonesProperty Maintenance

Put-in-Bay’s two nor’easters will have Yardworks playing a real life game of ‘Pick Up Sticks’ as they begin debris cleanup across the island.

Call  Yardworks at 419-285-2147 to start a game in your yard.  New customers are still welcome for the upcoming mowing season as well.  Contact Yardworks today!

Put in Bay YardworksProperty MaintenanceE-mail:  yardworkspib “at”