Stone Lab Monitors Water Conditions

Lake Erie water quality

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Lake Erie water quality

Stone Lab water quality buoy location

Justin Chaffin, Senior Researcher, Research Coordinator, Stone Laboratory

Researchers rely on the Stone Lab Algal & Water Quality Lab to identify plankton, measure chlorophyll content and cyanobacteria toxins, analyze organic and inorganic suspended solids, and test for nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen. A buoy, donated by Fondriest Environmental and upgraded with additional equipment through grant funding, helps Stone Lab staff monitor water conditions in Lake Erie’s western basin.Lake Erie water quality

Environmental Protection Agency Surveys Great Lakes

Lake Guardian  Environmental Protection Agency researchers aboard the Lake Guardian visited Put-in-Bay this week.  Their visit included a stop at Stone Laboratory on Gibraltar Island.

“The R/V Lake Guardian conducts sampling surveys on all five Great Lakes during both the spring (late March, after ice break-up) and summer seasons. The spring survey monitors lake health during a time of low biological activity, when the lakes are well-mixed. The summer survey monitors lake health during the season of high biological activity, when the lakes are stratified. During these surveys, water, plankton and benthos samples are taken at designated stations throughout each lake. These monitoring surveys have been ongoing in the lakes since 1983, resulting in an exceptional long-term monitoring dataset for evaluating the health of the Great Lakes ecosystem through time.”Lake Guardian

Put-in-Bay Mooring Field Offers Frequent Floater Benefit

Put in Bay mooringPut-in-Bay Mooring Field, managed by Boardwalk Harbor Operations for the Put-in-Bay Port Authority, offers visitors a frequent floater benefit.  Registrants who stay on a mooring ball five times earn a sixth visit for free.  Service by Crosby Tugs with USCG licensed captains operate seven days a week at the boater’s convenience.  Hail the captain on VHF channel ten (10) from 8am Monday through Friday, and from 7am Saturday and Sunday.

The mooring field is a beautiful and relaxing setting for Lake Erie boaters.  Full details are available at Boardwalk Harbor Operations.

Put in Bay Dining

Taxis Audrey B, Stanley B,and Emily B

Rain and Wind Leave Put-in-Bay with High Water

Put in Bay high water

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The recent slew of stormy and wet weather continues to leave its imprint on South Bass Island.  Route 357 (Bayview Avenue) remains flooded in front Put in Bay high waterof Perry’s Monument, and from Put-in-Bay Yacht Club west around Squaw Harbor to Portsmouth Avenue.  South Bass Island West Shore shows signs of unusual conditions, too.


Put in Bay high water

Put in Bay high water

Looking west from Peach Point

Put in Bay high water

Looking north from Peach Point

Put in Bay high water

Squaw Harbor

Although sporadic rain showers appear in the NOAA weather forecast, warmer temperatures promise a drying out period.  Nonetheless, Put-in-Bay business interests keep a stiff upper lip and offer wonderful opportunities for summer enjoyment.Put in Bay high water

Put in Bay high water

Put-in-Bay Yacht Club entrance