U.S.C.G. Rescue Helicopter Trains at Put-in-Bay Airport (3w2)

U.S. Coast Guard at Put in Bay Airport

United States Coast Guard Helicopter 6582 out of Detroit completed a series of “touch and go” exercises at Put-in-Bay Airport on Thursday morning.  Helis.com describes the aircraft this way: The Aerospatiale SA366G1 Dauphin was selected by the United States Coast Guard in 1979 as its new short range reuscg_stamp_MH-65Dolphincovery (SRR) air-sea rescue helicopter, replacing the Sikorsky HH-52A Sea Guard.  The Dolphin normally carries a crew of four: pilot, copilot, flight mechanic and rescue swimmer.  On 4 August 2015, a U.S. Postal Service Forever stamp featuring the Dolphin was released to honor the U.S. Coast Guard’s 225th anniversary.

USCG rescue helicopterUSCG rescue helicopterUSCG rescue helicopterUSCG rescue helicopterUSCG rescue helicopterUSCG rescue helicopter

Quadcopter Captures Put-in-Bay VFD During Ice Training

The Put-in-Bay Volunteer Fire Department trains year-round, but the members are especially attentive to the dangers presented during the winter ice season. Quick and safe rescues require clear procedures and effective strategies developed during specific training exercises. During just such an exercise, William Market was able to capture the work of our dedicated ice-rescue team via a video camera attached to a quadcopter. Please click on the image below for access to the video provided by William Market.

Put in Bay Fire Department

Photo and video courtesy of William Market

Miller Ferry to Suspend Service

From Captain Billy Market:

Ferry update! 1130am will be the last trip leaving the island and 12 noon leaving Catawba until conditions improve, which probably means the remainder of the day. It’s just a terrible wind direction. Updates will be posted when available.

Put in Bay ferry

Ferry rides gale force winds on 10:20 arrival at Lime Kiln Dock

Put in Bay ferryPut in Bay ferry


North Bass Island Receives Emergency Power Generator

Terry Jenkins, resident Ohio Edison representative on South Bass Island, reports a crew of power workers and Caterpillar representatives placed a heavy-duty generator on North Bass Island today.  Concerns about the underwater power line from Middle Bass to North Bass prompted Ohio Edison officials to engage preventative actions for the winter season.  Mr. Jenkins reports the generator should supply up to a week’s electricity for the North Bass Island residents in the case of an emergency.power_North Bass_12022015power_North Bass 2_12022015

Photos courtesy of Terry Jenkins

Put-in-Bay Village Swears In New Police Chief

Put in Bay Police

Chief Frank at the November 2015 Bingo event.

Put-in-Bay Village has sworn in Michael Frank (our interim chief of police this summer) on Tuesday, 24 November 2015, as our full-time Police Chief for Put-in-Bay.  The PiB police department has been plagued by controversy in recent years.  Chief Frank’s tenure is expected to improve community and business relations, as well as proper jurisdictional enforcement.

Put-in-Bay Police information is available on the department’s home page and on Facebook.